On the road again…

I miss the world. I even forgot my code on my backpack lock which I made in 2005. I know I´m not supposed to be travel blogging anymore, at least I said I would stop, but once I´m on the road again, the need to share is undeniable. Colombia is paradise and we’ve found a home at IKY ashram in southern Santiago-de-Cali.

Colombians´ body confidence is through the roof, and sexy, half-naked mamas in tight bright clothes own the streets. Colombia has everything I miss – a warm sun, 12 hour days, avocados the size of watermelons, cheap ice cream, amazing dancers, fresh food markets and uber. Getting across town costs a few dollars, so we went to La Topa Tolondra, a famous salsa club in Cali, and watched the best salsa dance performance I´ve ever seen at the El Mulato Cabaret show.

We haven´t seen so much of Cali, we´ve only had our arrival day and two Sundays off during our 23 days here. We´re training at a yoga school, trying integrated yoga practices, dynamic breathing and deep meditation. We take 2 or 3 cold showers a day, waking up at 6 every morning to chant Sanskrit mantras together. Then we get to shake it al loose once a week with a bit of meat and dancing before returning to our early morning rise and vegetarian diet. We meet the locals, dance with strangers and randomly get interviewed by men with microphones – it happened three times at the grocery store, at a Mexican Mariachi show and a stand-up comedian in San Antonio park.  

I can´t wait to graduate, check out of here and get to Medellin to tango with the locals. But before that, we´re making a slight detour to San Andreas island for a bit of beach and sun. Its ridiculous how cheap internal flights are here – you can fly across the country for the same price as a taxi across town. Thank you world, thank you Colombia for making traveling a reality again!