More About Katrin

in Iceland

in Iceland

Katrin is half Guyanese and half Icelandic, but spent more than half her life in Canada. She lives occasionally in Iceland, since that’s where she works to afford all her international gallivanting, but she doesn’t really like cold places so she prefers to wander in search of sun and warmth. But she does love penguins and Icelandic ponies, err, horses, so she likes to travel in cold places too.

in Antarctica

in Antarctica

Katrin likes to travel, and then she likes to write about it, so she’s kind of a self-proclaimed travel writer. UC Berkeley actually granted her a Masters in Tourism, so that’s gotta make her qualified to talk about travel. It doesn’t work anymore to just be ‘unemployed,’ and since the last student card I had expired in 2013, noone wants to believe I’m a student anymore. But I’m definitely still learning, as long as I keep traveling.

in Cape Town, a warm place with penguins!

in Cape Town, a warm place with penguins!

Katrin doesn’t usually talk about herself in the third person, but obviously you know its me 😛 If you do want to hear third-party stories about Katrin, here is a list of interviews and articles about Katrin, many of which happen to be in German (I don’t even read German so hopefully you have google translate). If you don’t like reading so much, since we all know people only look at blogs for the pretty pictures, then you can follow Katrin on Instagram or Flickr to filter out all those useless words. If you want to connect with Katrin, she’s an avid couchsurfer, and sometimes couch-hoster, so take a look at her Couchsurfing profile. Read more about Katrin here, and check out her other blog on Guide to Iceland, focusing on Icelandic stories and tales.

If you´d like to travel with Katrin on horseback in Iceland, check out the tours she´s guiding in the Icelandic highlands with the travel companies like Hestasport. If you would like to visit Iceland for a multi-sport adventure, including biking, hiking and horsebackriding, check out the trips I´m currently leading with Backroads; some, even in winter, which include caving, yoga, northern lights hunting and plenty of hot water spas!

If you’d like to support Katrin’s traveling or writing, please send your monetary love via Paypal: katrinsiff<at> It will certainly help pay for one of her bumpy bus rides or for a meal at the market.

3 thoughts on “More About Katrin

  1. Congratulations on your travels and Master’s in tourism! I admire your attitude and optimism 🙂 I first read your “About Me”, but then came here to “More About…”. I hope your travels are still going well. Ok, cheers from a random person in Texas!


  2. Hey Katrin.. Beautiful post..! I would like to travel on horseback in Iceland with TripGuide Iceland. I am sure it will be superb.

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