Welcome to My Blog

I’m going to share my travel diary with all you wonderful good folk so you can know what I’ve been up to, where I am, learn about new places, or just pretend you’re interested to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Please comment when you have anything to share, as I want feedback from readers so I also have a reason to snoop into your travel-thoughts ­čÖé If you have any travel or place-specific questions, also don’t hesitate to ask, and for all your travel planning, check out dohop.com for the cheapest flights.

Oh, and 200 before 30… well, thats┬áthe goal, so long as 50 countries don’t disappear, or 50 new countries don’t show up, because that could maybe┬átake a little more than 7 years.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog

  1. I found your blog on google. I think it’s awesome.

  2. Seeing that it is the 1st visit to your web site, I simply want to say hi there! Great blog.

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