Photo Highlights

I’ve been brainstorming ways of improving my blog and making it more active since ts hard to post every day and posting just a couple times per week still doesnt seem enough to really share whats going on. But, as much as I like writing, reading all that blah blah is tough and people just like the pictures… so, I’ve decided to incorporate a Photo of the Day type post, just sharing a picture with a short caption. This is great because sometimes I dont have enough to say for a whole blog, or there’s just too much to say and a photo is worth a thousand words, so Ill let the picture tell the story.


The Madonna statue in Cartagena harbour, perfectly silhouetted by a spectacular sunrise

Well, this is ironic timing because I destroyed my camera snorkelling on Sunday. Anyone who knows about my bad camera luck this year remembers earlier in June when I destroyed by brand new, Olympus SLR in the Chobe floods, but I learned my lesson and bought an indestructible, water-proof, dust-proof, freeze-proof, drop-proof fujifilm digital handheld camera for this trip. Little did I know that Fuji products apparently suck, since 1 minute of snorkelling managed to fill my entire camera with water. Silly me though waterproof included the ocean? And of course, the warranty isn’t any good in Panama since I bought it in Canada… so back to film I go, and I’m not sure when I post another photo highlight, but as soon as I do, it means I’ve gotten yet another new digital camera, the third this year, *sigh.*

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