My Favourite things to do in NYC

In the last few years Ive probably been to New York a dozen times, but with only one destination trip as the exception, I always end up in New York city as a layover. JFK is one of the easiest airports to have a stopover on my way from Iceland to anywhere in North or South America, and with a handful of really great friends and some relatives, I always take the opportunity to visit.

Besides catching up with the people I know there, I’ve exhausted most of the touristy things to do in the city, but some things never get old to me. Here’s a list of 4 things I’ll always look forward to doing while in the Big Apple, and next time you’re in Manhattan make sure to try all 4.

  1. Visit Times Square

Times Square

I love going to the center of Times Square and spining around while looking up at all the shiny lights, dazzling advertisements and 5 storey large television screens… especially in the middle of the night when the masses have dispersed and the lights make it as bright as day. There are even a few Mini Cooper cars stuck to the sides of buildings now, and yahoo offers free wi-fi.

2. Walking around Central Park


Wintery Central Park

Even its midwinter or high summer, Central Park always is always full of joggers, dog walkers, bicyclists, and horse-drawn carriages. Central park covered in a blanket of white snow and reflective frozen lakes is just as beautiful as it is when luscious green. I’m a big sucker for the horses and this time around got offered a free carriage ride with an Irish man in a top hat, slightly resembling a leprechaun.

3. People Watching on the subway

In New York City, you’re not just one in a million, you’re one in 8 million. There are so many people in New York, SO many. From all different places, speaking all sorts of tongues, with totally individual styles and fashion senses. You can literally take a tour around the world as you walk through Manhattan’s different neighbourhoods, and riding the subways and local buses is my favourite place to sneakily stare at and eavesdrop on all the interesting people I meet. I’m most inspired by the craziest, weirdest people, like the naked cowboy who I’ve ran into twice now or a group of Japanese women paying homage to Lady Gaga by dressing like her.

4. Window Shopping


shopping near the World’s largest store, Macy’s

Anything and everything you’d ever wish for is available for sale somewhere in the city. I’d say most of it is still either unnecessary or unattainable, since the prices of things can get pretty expensive, but strolling along Broadway or Fifth Ave and dreaming about owning all the pretty things in the window displays is still super fun. Trying it on too, doesn’t hurt, but staying outside the window keeps me from buying it all up.

One thought on “My Favourite things to do in NYC

  1. K,
    Consider; Put together a blog portfolio, leave with OWN Oprahs new network; Manhatten? with the intention of being a roving female travel correspondent w/ three minute youtube like reportage..
    where are you for your bday?

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