Stop-over in Copenhagen

I´ve been to Copenhagen twice before, but trying to manage a days’ layover isnt easy. But, with a landing time of 12 noon and a departure time of 22:00, noone wants to sit around at an airport that long, no matter how nice, so here’s what I did and you should do too.

water lilies on the ponds

water lilies on the ponds

1.) Leave the airport: There’s a train every 20 minutes from Copenhagen airport to Copenhagen central station, and it only takes a little over 15 minutes to travel. Once you’ve arrived in the central station, you’re in the heart of Copenhagen and within walking distance to all the main sights, shopping streets and drinking/eating spots.

Denmark's Little Mermaid

Denmark’s Little Mermaid

2.) Go to Tivoli: If its summer, and you’re a Disneyland/theme-park kind of person, spend the day at this fun park. There are roller coasters, green parks, yummy concessions and all sorts of other fun stuff, and entrance is only 110DK (around €15).

3.) Walk around the pedestrian shopping streets. Even if youre just a window shopper, or only looking for the cafes or bars to visit on the way, its a lively street of people watching and lovely surprises, and delicious Danish street hot dog stands.

summer is the time for bicycling

summer is the time for bicycling

4.) Visit the parks: especially around any castle or sea-side. You’ll find the (in)famous little mermaid statue, and one beautiful star-shaped fortress.

5.) Drink Carlsberg: or any other cold drink in the sunshine

Nyhovn near sunset time

Nyhovn near sunset time

6.) Visit Nyhavn, the cozy little harbour full of sailboats and restaurant patios. Mingle or people watch, or just eat and drink, and you’ll still feel like you’ve had the most romantic day in Denmark

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